St. Johns Classical Academy’s Uniform Philosophy

A strong correlation exists between student appearance and the perception of excellence. St. Johns  Classical Academy students are required to dress and groom themselves in a way that aligns with our philosophy of maintaining a learning environment focused on the development of each student’s academic potential, personal character, and leadership skills.

Adherence to the code diminishes economic and social barriers between students; increases a sense of belonging and school pride; encourages good judgment; models good citizenship and encourages all to perform at their highest level.

Attire which attracts undue or negative attention or which infringes on the rights or values of others is not considered to be in the spirit of the dress code not only for students but also for staff and parents visiting the campus.

By signing the registration documents, students, staff, parents, and volunteers agree to abide by the policy and remain dedicated to interacting with one another as ladies and gentlemen. In doing so, we are choosing to be actively engaged in the safe and secure, nurturing the environment of this exceptional learning community.

St. Johns Classical Academy’s Uniform Policies

St. Johns Classical Academy provides parents with a variety of options for the Everyday Uniform.  Parents are not required to purchase every available piece.  All pieces of the formal uniform are required for Full Dress Uniform Day, however, this requirement will not begin until 2018-2019.

  • All St. Johns Classical Academy students are expected to be in school uniform during school hours and during all school activities and events unless otherwise specified.
  • Attire is expected to be clean, in good condition, business-like, and properly sized to fit.
  • The St. Johns Classical Academy school crest will be visible at all times.
  • Students are allowed to wear Full Dress Uniform on any day of the week if preferred. However, elements from Full Dress and Everyday Uniforms cannot be interchanged and Everyday Uniforms cannot be worn on Full Dress Days. For the 2017-18 school year, Full Dress Uniforms will not be required, however, there will be required Full Dress Uniform Days starting in the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Students not adhering to the uniform policy may not attend class. Parents will be called and asked to bring appropriate uniform items. Repeat violations may result in consequences determined by the Principal.
  • Any medical or religious concerns or limitations that might preclude meeting the uniform guidelines should be addressed with the School Principal to determine if reasonable accommodations are necessary.
  • We ask that students’ clothing is labeled with the student’s name; everything will look alike in the lost and found. SJCA is not responsible for lost items. 

Any questions regarding the uniform dress code and standards should be sent to michelle.knapp@stjca.org

School code: STJO05