Specific uniform policies and uniform descriptions


Shirts Buttoned to one below the top.

Must have a collar and be tucked in at all times.

Vests, Sweaters, Cardigans Approved uniform shirt must be worn underneath at all times.

Sleeves must not extend past the wrists and cover the hands.

Ties Ties must be cinched to the top of the shirt and not be hanging loose or askew.
Pants and Shorts Must come within one inch of natural waist.

Long pants should be below the ankle.

Belts Must be worn with both Full Dress and Everyday Uniforms pants and shorts. Black or brown only, plain in color and design, and they must not dangle.
Shoes Full Dress Uniform shoes must be all black or all brown leather dress shoes. These shoes can be worn every day as well if preferred.  Everyday Uniform shoes can be all black or all brown canvas or leather.

All shoes must have no contrasting colors, be plain in color and design, including the stitching, and have no high contrast or bright logos. They must be clean, in good repair, comfortable and conceal the foot completely (i.e. with closed toes and heels).

Sandals, “Crocs,” moccasins, boots, or “UGGS” are not acceptable.

Shoes must remain snug and secure at all times. Soles must be substantial enough to avoid injury.

Socks and Hosiery Socks must be navy blue.  Socks must always be worn and be visible and cover the ankle (i.e. ankle and “no show” socks are not permitted).  Thigh-high hosiery is not permitted. Crew, dress, trouser, and knee socks are acceptable.  Girls are required to wear navy blue knee socks with Full Dress uniforms. Navy blue tights are permissible with shirts and jumpers.
Undergarments Undergarments or straps must not be visible and must therefore be skin-toned or of similar/lighter color to the uniform. With white dress shirts, undergarments must be solid white or nude colored; no other colors, prints or designs are permitted. Long sleeve undergarments under short sleeve shirts are also not permitted.
Hair Hair must be clean, neat, and out of the eyes. Only natural colors are allowed. Hair styling or coloring arrangements which are disruptive or distracting are not permissible.
Jewelry Any jewelry which might create a safety hazard or distraction should not be worn.

Body/facial piercings and gauges are not permitted.

Necklaces and bracelets should be discrete and simple, not wider than ½ inch and no bright colors.  Eyeglasses may not be overly ornate, and may be not be shaded indoors or otherwise restrictive to the vision.

Watches are permitted if they only function as a watch, are discrete, and are simple in design.  “Smart” watches, watches that play games, or watches that have other functions such as a calculator, are not permitted.  Watches are not to make any noises.

Sun Protection Items such as hats and sunglasses may be worn only when outdoors.
Outerwear No blatant advertising, no large corporate logos, sports teams, television or other organization or media logos or designs are permitted.  Outerwear is not to be worn inside the building and should be removed as soon as is practical when entering the school. Hoodies are considered Spirit Wear and outerwear and may not be worn inside the buildings.
Other No visible tattoos are permitted.  Any tattoos acquired before admission to SJCA will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Principal.

No hats, no scarves and no bandanas are permitted indoors.

Colognes, perfumes, and pungent substances which may cause distraction or allergic reactions are not permitted.



Skorts, and Jumpers As a general guideline, skorts and jumpers are to be worn to the top of the knee.

They must be a modest length and the waistband must not be rolled over.  The top of skorts must be worn within one inch of the natural waist.

Jumper (K-5) Must be worn with navy blue/black shorts underneath.
Ties Girls in grades 6-12 are required to wear the conventional necktie assigned to their grade level. Bow ties are not permitted for girls.
Shoes Everyday shoes can be black or brown canvas or leather sneakers, Mary Jane or T-strap shoes.
Socks and Hosiery Navy blue tights or leggings can be worn under skorts or jumpers if desired. Girls are required to wear navy blue knee socks with Full-Dress uniforms.
Undergarments Camisoles following undergarment color requirements are acceptable.

Shorts (other than PE uniform) should not be visible under hemline with no visible logo and must be navy blue or black in color.

Hair Hair accessories should be minimal, appropriate for an academic environment and not distracting. Headbands in one solid color (navy blue, black, white, yellow, cobalt blue or pale blue matching our school colors) are permissible.
Jewelry Female students are allowed to wear one pair of small earrings, with no more than one earring in each ear and no larger than ½” in diameter. Gauges are not permitted.
Cosmetics Girls in 9th through 12th grades may wear make-up which is conservative and light and should be virtually invisible.



Shorts Shorts are to be worn at knee-length.
Ties The optional bow tie, if preferred, may be worn by boys in grades 9-12 for Full Dress uniform.
Shoes Everyday Shoes can be black or brown canvas or leather sneakers, oxfords or loafer shoes.
Hair Hair accessories are not permitted.
Jewelry No earrings or gauges are permitted.
Cosmetics None permitted.